“I had been waiting for a puppy from another breeder for over a year when, while volunteering for Pets for Vets at an agility trial, I spied a MAS running agility.  I liked the way he ran and his temperament around the ring and out and about in public. I approached the handler to compliment him and  he happened to be the owner of Harvest Wind MAS and they just happened to have a litter available. I scheduled a visit to see the puppies and learned they used Puppy Culture to raise the puppies during the first 8 weeks, a real plus to me. Cindy helped me pick a puppy based on my interests – agility, Nosework and Treibball, but most important, an all around great dog to blend into our existing dog family.  From the day I received Dill he has been quick to learn, easy to train and a great problem solver and makes me look like a great trainer. He has drive and focus for what ever we are training and will work for either toys or food. We are so impressed and happy with Dill we are repeat customers and are getting another puppy from Harvest Wind MAS in about a month – I can’t wait!”

Mary Hoover– Greenwood, Indiana

[We] love love love our baby Scout. She is picking up agility quicker than our other dogs, that we started at an earlier age. She is in print ads and video commercials now. We love our baby. Thank you so much for her.”

Grant Merrick – Royal Palm Beach, Florida

“Best Breeders ever! They use the puppy culture and introduce things to the pups at an early age. Most importantly they love their pups!”

Kitty Mcclain – Fair Haven, Michigan

“Our family is so happy we found Mack. The puppy culture is the best!!! I didn’t know how awesome it would be and it has blown my mind. Mack is the happiest puppy and is so loveable. We are a one dog home but if I thought I could do 2 I would definitely go back for another puppy.”

Nacol Nixon Hicks – Northville, Michigan