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Phone – 260-747-3803

Email – cinge6@gmail.com

Harvest Wind: Miniature American Shepherds are a wife and husband team that breed and train Miniature American Shepherds (MAS). We follow the Puppy Culture methodology to ensure the puppies are resilient, socialized, happy, intelligent and ready to take on the world!.


Cindy Gevaart

Cindy is a long time dog trainer and breeder. She has been working with many breeds over the last three decades but loves her work with MAS the most. She takes great care in training dogs for agility trials and as regular family companions. Cindy is a very hands-on breeder and ensures every dog who leaves the pack for a new family is treated as well as they should be. She is a firm believer in the Puppy Culture methodology for raising puppies solid foundation for the rest of their lives. Her training style is entrenched in a force free ideology, reinforcing good behavior with positivity and not fear.


Mark Gevaart

Mark loves training his MAS for Agility! Jett is Mark’s first dog that he has trained and shown in agility trials.